Elegy for BobCat

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Eyes. All eyes. Round, green surging seas ever alert, watchful.
Dark scarab nestled on the forehead, extending legs like brows.
Tiger stripes and cheetah spots marble muted grey flanks.
Tentative, careful steps on muffled pads. Solid thump when jumping
from some high perch. Sleek, solicitous face-rubs against ankles
and shins.  Depositing abandoned coats of fur in patches over
clothing, carpets and chairs. Small mews infused with rattling purr.
How, dear cat, you entwined yourself with our hearts! Took them
like felt-covered mice and batted them about till we were yours.
And how abrupt this end, finding your form still and cold,
in the grey morning. As we slumbered, you laboured to come home,
falling before you made the door, slowly haemorrhaging life
before we had a chance to say good-bye. Dear cat, good-bye.



DAY THREE:   Write an elegy – a poem that mourns or honours someone dead or something gone by.

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