At first it was spite that drove her.  But soon she began to enjoy her times at the gym.  She’d listen to all manner of podcasts and music.  She noticed her appetite decreased. It was easy, almost natural, to pass on all the high-kilojoule sugary things in favour of fresh fruits and vegetables.

One Saturday evening, nearly a year later, as the waitress was showing them to their table, Katie stopped halfway through the restaurant.  “Mark!” she exclaimed.  He stood, his facial expression metamorphosing as he recognised her. 

“Katie!  You . . . you look . . .”

She’d planned what she’d say.  Your loss, buddy!  Or  Eat your heart out!  Instead she gave him a sincere smile.  “Thanks, Mark.’  She turned and followed the waitress.

At the end of the meal she read the fortune in her cookie:  “You will love again the stranger who was your self.”



At dVerse, Kim from Writing in North Norfolk, asks us to write a Flash Fiction story in 144 words that includes the following line from ‘Love After Love’, a poem by Derek Walcott:   ‘You will love again the stranger who was your self’.

I am a woman of many words, so this was difficult for me, BUT lots of fun!  Why not try your hand at Flash Fiction?