An Evening of Wine Tasting


This wine
has a rich, dark burgundy hue
with purple, opaque tears.
It is polished like a well-waxed oak table.
This wine
has a floral bouquet of roses
with secondary notes of soured cream
followed by the warm fragrance of roasting nuts.
This wine
bursts on the tongue
like a ripe blackberry
dissolving into tones of nutmeg
and finishing with a mouthful of walnuts.

This wine
appears to be red, smells sour and tastes nutty.

Good wine.


PAD Challenge:  Day 7
Write a senses poem. That is, write a poem that uses one or more of your senses.

I like reading “wine notes.”  They are so incredibly descriptive, almost poetic in nature.
The above are notes taken over an evening of tasting drinking wine.  😀

Rock the World

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she said,
you should stop
while you’re ahead.
the script,
smile for the camera
and sit down.
time you
whinge and whine
you put millions on the line.

He smiled.
I like to
rock the world!

PAD Challenge:  Day 3

Write a “stop” poem.





He talks to spiders
and can hear their muffled reply.
He laughs aloud
in the midst of silence
at a joke the dust particles told him.
He often gets lost
in the labyrinth of his own mind
and can be gone for hours.

When I sing
the wind will shake the trees
like maracas
and the birds will dance for joy.

You are the wonder, child.
You are tomorrow’s dreams.




2 April
Today’s prompt at NaPoWriMo:  “Write a poem that plays with voice.”

Today’s prompt at PAD Challenge: “Write a portrait poem.”

I tried to “kill two birds with one stone.”  🙂



Fraying tapestry,
dangling threads
attempts to pull it together.

All fall down,

Melting ice caps,
arid soil.

Money makes the world go
and a
and a
bells are ringing
but the world is deaf.

And the mystery
of which
the angels sang
and the prophets told
and the wise sought
has been repeated
time through
finite time:

the low
will look up
and see their salvation
an ass.


A second first-day poem (because I am on holiday and I can).
This prompt comes from HERE.  (For today’s prompt, write a secret poem.)

I encourage you to join in writing a poem a day in April.