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splattered with mud,
shook his head with regret,
took several breaths
and then,
wheezing wildly,
waved good-bye
to fall.

Knobbly hands dropped,
and he shivered
and drew away
in a mist.


PAD 12 in November

Today, write a form poem. (As examples–  Dodoitsu: 4-line Japanese form.
Echo Verse: A poem that repeats itself (self). Elegy: Song of sorrow or mourning.
Erasure Poems: Like blackout poems, but without the markers.

I tried my hand at an ERASURE POEM (take a passage and erase words to leave a poem).  This is from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2),
Chapter Eight:  The Deathday Party.
Lots of fun!  Give it a try.



Your number theory
was elemental,
Mr Glorious,
giving us all
a rather lot
to think about.
Making concrete
what is imaginarily infinite.

Let’s get right down
to the basics:
if a mathematician
postulates through space
and no one proves the theorem,
can pie be prime?


PAD 11 in November

For today’s prompt, write a prime poem.

Okay — this is just plain silly.  🙂  I do like to play with primes!


Life of their Own


They carry weight, yet have no substance.
They cost the earth, nevertheless are free.
They are witless and dull, but razor-sharp and draw blood.
They appear to be innocuous, however they have great power.
to create and to tear down.
to give birth and to kill.
to nurture and to abandon.
to hope and to despair.
to love and to hate.

Choose wisely.
Think carefully.
Weigh your words before you breathe life into them.
Once released
they have
a life of their own.


PAD 10 of November

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “______ of ______,” replace the blanks with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles could include: “Next of Kin,” “King of the Mountain,” “Lover of Chocolate,” and/or “Tenth Poem of the Challenge.”




Just as the still surface
of the lake
bends back the light,
casting reversed-trees
into the water,

so my quiet heart
your topsy-turvy love
onto the world.

PAD 9 in November

For today’s prompt, write a reflection poem. The poem could be about a physical reflection. Or it could be about personal reflections or thoughts.


I Need a Peta

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I used to have a mega
and thought that I was fine.
But I couldn’t play some basic games,
so giga was sublime.

Then video became standard
and we all began to stream.
I therefore got a tera;
oh, much better!  So it seemed.

But now I’m out of storage
and everything runs slow.
It appears I’ll soon need peta
or my data will not flow.

We just keep adding zeros —
three more every time.
Exa, zetta, yotta,
and then gego will be prime.


PAD 8 in November

For today’s prompt, write a pet poem. The poem can be about a pet of yours, like a dog, fish, or rock. Or perhaps, the poem can be about a pet name, pet project, or pet peeve.

Alright — I cheated.  I could not write about a pet.  It still hurts too much.  So I wrote about a peta- , which I would LOVE to have!  🙂

Old Bottle-Green Hoodie

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The inside fuzz,
once soft and warm
like the fluffy down
of a gosling,
has gradually washed away
leaving lumpy cotton balls.

I insert my trunk
into the jersey
like a cold foot
thrust into a cashmere sock.

I tuck my fingers
into the kangaroo pouch
and hold my own hands.

I pull the hood
over my head
and become invisible.


PAD 7 in November

For today’s prompt, pick an article of clothing, make it the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. 

I love my hoodie.  It is the one piece of clothing which totally defines me.



God never stays where I put him.
I’d swear I latched him
around my neck this morning
but by teatime
I saw him in the park
playing chess with a homeless guy.
I carried him to the weekly prayer meeting
but he must have slipped out
when I opened my bag
at the grocery store till.
I set a place for him there at dinner
but when the food arrived
his chair was vacant.

I just don’t know what to do
with a God
who has a mind of his own.


PAD in November

For today’s prompt, write an opening poem. Stories have openings. Caves have openings. Even conversations have openings. Pick an opening and use that as an opening to write your poem today.

I opened my bag!  🙂

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