An Old Man Named Michael Finnegan

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Like Mike learned
(mostly the hard way)
(according to Perl)
persistence will eventually pay off.

John tried to explain to Mike
that everything will be okay in the end,
and if it’s not okay,  then it’s not the end.
But Mike just wanted to get to that conclusion.

Fred said there is eternal recurrence
which made Mike scratch his head
until Tom explained
that life is a circle
(Pooh and Piglet
going round and round the spinney
after Woozles).
Gilbert said that is sheer nonsense.
and described concrete beginnings
with well-defined ends
(Chris was in the branches
and brought the hunt to an end).

Mike said he was getting tired
and just wanted to go to bed.
“Exactly!” said Elwyn
(not sure just how
he’d been pulled into the discussion).
“End the day now
and tomorrow
you will
begin again.”


PAD 30 in November

For today’s prompt, write a “the end” poem.  You can reach the end of a book, journey, or conversation. 

Beginnings and endings.  Within this little piece are the philosophies of Lennon, Nietzche, Mann, Chesterton and White.  A little nonsense for the end of November.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Have yourself a merry little Christmas.
Please don’t watch the news.
If you do you’ll only wallow in the blues.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.
Pretend it’s all okay.
Climate, violence, people dying every day.

Self desire and ambition,
greedy grabbing more and more.
Disregard for all others
will eventually cause war.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
‘though our planet’s doomed.
Close your eyes; don’t think of all that you’ve consumed.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.
Turn those big blind eyes.
Plug your ears so you can’t hear the children’s cries.

And have yourself
a merry Christmas,
Super Size.

PAD 29 in November

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Have _______,” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

I am so sorry; this is so depressing.
This season I am making a point of NOT drowning out the news with “Jingle Bells.”
There IS hope and I am clinging to it.

One of the Nine

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That story always gets to me.
I want to rage against the nine.
How can you have something
so miraculous
bless you
right there
under your very own skin
and not come back
to say thank you?

The ten yelled
“Have pity on us!!”
And when they found themselves healed,
when their skin
became soft and whole,
they rejoiced in wonder
and continued on their way.

Except that one.
That one who first
(before going before the men who could certify him as clean,
who could stamp his identity document with a re-enty visa),
turned back
to say thanks.

On this day
as we gather together to
we sometimes miss
the heart of the matter

And as I stop to give thanks,
I realise
how many times
I have carried on
and not turned back
to say


PAD 28 in November

For today’s prompt, write a gratitude poem.

I feel this poem could use a lot more polishing . . . but I am between a turkey and mashed potatoes and have to run.  And I do have a heart full of gratitude!

Where’ve You Been?

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I spend ten minutes each morn

in faithful prayer to you, Lord.

But I wonder every eve

where you’ve been all day.



PAD 27 in November

For today’s prompt, write a remix poem. To do this, pick one (or more) of your poems from earlier this month, and remix it.

Today I revisited Day 6  and wrote a dodoitsu.  The dodoitsu is a Japanese poetic form. This 4-line poem has seven syllables in the first three lines and five syllables in the fourth–and final–line.

How Do I Know

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a feeling.

a sentimental,
gooshy, wooshy
valentine’s day card
with pink hearts
splayed across the front,
bleeding soppy proclamations.

a fast dozen ruby roses
purchased at the 24hr market
wrapped in wrinkled tissue paper,
sporting a fat satiny crimson ribbon,
price tag (maybe) accidentally left on.

a pound of assorted —
soft-centres and nuts,
milk chocolate and dark,
(without a single coconut cream)
see’s candies in a heart-shaped box.

a peck on the cheek,
a passionate kiss,
a bear hug,
a back rub,
a cuddle,
a snuggle,
a gentle caress.


here it is:
i know you love me
……………..really wanting to watch monday night football)
you wash the dinner dishes.



PAD 26 in November

Write a love poem.

Lunch at Guido’s

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I was a mess
by the time Tuesday came.
I rationalised our meeting
back and forth
like a ping-pong ball,
but it didn’t make the butterflies
any less nervous.

I got there early.
Better to watch you approach
than to have your eyes on me.
You were
twenty minutes late.
SOME things in life are constant,
I thought,
apprehensively munching a second breadstick,
then chastised myself for being negative.
Time has been good to you.
Injustice, I thought,
then chastised myself again
as I pulled in my paunch and smiled.

You ordered a bottle of Terlato.
Midrange, I thought.
Let’s not over-invest.
As we raised our glasses
and you said something sentimental,
I offered myself no rebuke
and drank deep.
Far cry from my “Two Buck Chuck,”
I reasoned,
gazing lovingly at the crystal.

You had the Veal Piccata
(So what is new?)
and I had the Chicken Melanzana,
(even though I hate eggplant)
which was actually quite delicious.
I finished every crumb
while you left half your entrée
on your plate.
There are kids starving in China,
my mom’s voice echoed inside my skull.

As you said no, thank you to dessert
and asked the waiter for the bill,
I brought out my phone to google
“kids starving in China.”
I saw that look on your face.

You took out your Diner’s Club Card
and said
I’ll get the wine.
So . . . if you give me twenty-five dollars
that should cover it.

You said it was good to see me.
You said you had to be going.
You told me to take care of myself
and see you again sometime
as you hurried from the restaurant.

I stayed in my seat,
poured myself the last glass of pinot grigio
and read that twenty-five percent
of adults in China
are obese.
Then I ordered
Tiramisu and coffee.

PAD 25 in November

For today’s prompt, write a meal poem. 

Social Network Conversation

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I am beloved by many. Over a billion people like me. 

350m people choose me. #socialbutterfly #popular

I am sweet sixteen and very, very rich.

I’m 14. #youngandtalented

I am versatile and can do many, many different things.

I am short and to the point. #whywastewords

I connect people and strengthen friendships.

I share ideas. #tellmewhatyouthink

People reminisce with me; they sit and look through albums of photos from days gone by.

I move people.  I deliver important news. #whassup

The average person spends 40 minutes a day with me. That’s 245 hours each year – or ten solid days.

Most spend only 3 min/day w/me. #don’twastemytime

Well, we are different in so many ways!  You’re younger, faster, shorter, sharper, while I am older, slower, longer and comfortable.

Hey – there’s a place for us both. #bff #diversityisgood

All the best, Twitter!  May you add many tweeters.  And stay strong!

Thanks, friend Facebook.  May you have many more years of successful interfacing.  #livelongandprosper




PAD 24 in November

Write a poem with dialogue. 

Okay — this is just plan silly.

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