A Trip to the Game Reserve


Through the vast sanctuary

we scuttle like scarabs

searching for signs of fauna.

“Look! Panthera leo!”

“There! Giraffa camelopardalis!”

“See, Equus quagga!”

A glance in the binnies reveals:

nothing but

inanimate stones.


we name them “Sylvester”

(Thank you, Mr Steig!)

and begin again.


It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse and De Jackson, aka WhimsyGizmo, challenges us to write a 44-word poem using “stone” (or some variation there of).



For a second
I forgot
you were gone.

For a moment
my heart
found its measure.

Then I remembered;
and the world imploded


I reach out —

my hand returns

It’s cold here
in winter.

And you aren’t coming home

until we do.

Isaiah 43


Stumbling through a wasteland
(repeatedly abbreviated)
I stagger on
in pursuit of a dream,
………………..a promise,
which lies always beyond my grasp.

In the end
I fall
to rise no more
(then recognise hope),
becoming a channel of grace,
……………..a stream in the desert.


It is Quadrille time over at dVerse and De Jackson, aka WhimsyGizmo, challenges us to write a 44-word poem featureing the word “stream.”

The Heart of Winter


In the heart of wheezing winter
At the end of worn out June,
Darkness arrives quite early
with the cold face of the moon.

For the robust greens of summer
The kneeling warthog grieves
And a curious little mongoose
Sifts through the brittle leaves.


It was Quadrille Monday at d’Verse and De was the host.
A Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words, not counting the title, and this week
including some form of the word CURIOSITY(curious, curiousness, curiouser, etc). 

I Wonder


Your passing was unexpected
but not a surprise.
I have to keep reminding myself
that you are not here.

And while well-wishers
and second cousins
continually proclaim
that you are
……..1) smiling down on us from heaven,
……..2) sitting in the lap of Jesus,
……..3) much better off now than you were last week,
I wonder.

What is it like,
shedding mortality,
crossing dimensions?

When it happens to me
and I step into eternity,
will it not mean we all arrive
only from different doorways?

As one
will we enter the sanctuary
for that neverending wedding party?

I wonder.

PAD 30

Prompt: Write a goodbye poem.

Since these are April prompts, the 30th is the last day of Poem-A-Day,
that’s why the prompt is a “goodbye.”
This poem is for a dear friend who passed away. We had a memorial service for him today.



We hung him there
(on the cross)
around our necks,
upon our walls,
and threw our sins and insults
at him
(made them stick).

we carried on
living life
with him
(on the cross)
around our necks,
upon our walls.

Evensong calls
at day’s end:
Kyrie eleison
(praise and plea),
a gentle reminder
inviting us
to take him
down from the cross
an empty tomb
upon our walls
and a temple
in our hearts.


PAD 29

Prompt: Write an evening poem.

two (more) words

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After a heated exchange
and hours of cold shoulder
my angry heart
meets its maker
and shrinks in shame.

If I could take back words,
wash them from memory,
I would;
but I can’t.

So I sincerely offer
the only words I have:
“I’m sorry!”

PAD 28

Prompt: remix — take one of the poems you’ve written in the last month and rework it.

(See two little words from 18/05/2021.)

Long Wait

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The Ford Ranger
told the Toyota Fortuner
who shared with the Land Rover
who passed it on to the VW Anarak
who mentioned it to our Land Cruiser:

there are three cheetahs in the grass
under that green bush
next to that dead tree.

We’ve been here for an hour
and I’m beginning to suspect
the Ranger saw a rock.


PAD 27

Prompt: Write a BELIEVE poem.

It’s a Small World

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My pal Bobby
knows Cousin Sam,
who knows Carla,
who knows Pam,
who knows Mandy
and her hubby Aaron,
who know Hiram,
who knows Sharon,
who knows William
(known as Bill),
who knows Barb,
who knows Aunt Jill,
who knows Brian
and his sister Connie,
who knows Jake,
and Reverend Johnny,
who knows Michael,
who knows Dawn,
who knows Nick
and his brother Ron,
who know my great
uncle Jim,
who knows Sally’s
sister Kim,
who knows Peter,
Paul and Mary,
who know Claudia,
and little Carrie,
who knows Chloe
who knows YOU!
Such a small world,
Yes, it’s true!


PAD 26

Prompt: Write a poem with the title __________ World.

2 Corinthians 10:5

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Each one
must topple pride
with its haughty attitude,
like hot air
puffing up
and rising to block the sun,
causing us
to grope about in the dark.

We must capture
every stray thought
and make them see
the Truth —
we are created
to reflect
the light
of God,
not the other way around.

PAD 25

Prompt: Write a poem that captures a thought.

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