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Full of zeal,
Ezra arrives
to find
his brothers’ iniquities
have risen
higher than their heads.

Ezra pleads mercy,
finds grace
and rekindles the fire.

Stand still (he cries)
to be stamped
as the people
of the book!


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Bedtime reading
leads to Mordecai’s honour
and Haman’s humiliation.

A wise man
would have
called it quits,
but the pride of Haman
saw him receive
his own prepared desserts.

Now children eat his ears
what he’s got
in his pockets.

hadassah (myrtle)

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while attempting
to punish the sea
by whipping the waves,

deigned to delight
his downtrodden heart.

Each night
he’d pick a peach
and take a bite.

He did this
(amusing himself)
for more than a year

he found
a plum.


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Pouring —
so that
it trickles down
on every(big&little)thing —
grace flows
like honey.

And they look at me —
the one they pierced —
as for a peerless child,
sticky blood
and absolution.

flying scroll

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How wild these dreams,
with wings
on women and flying baskets!
A king
who comes along
on a braying steed
proclaiming peace;
he bleeds
to secure
the precious stones
sparkling in the crown
over his throne.


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O man,
in what do you trust?

In the resources
(gifted you)

of wealth?
I pray you might know poverty.

of strength?
I desire for you weakness.

of eloquence?
May you stammer.

These blessings I seek for you
that you might fall in desperation
into the arms
of the living God.

For fulfillment comes
not by your might
nor by your power
but by the breath of God.

he blew
expanding your lungs.
let go
that he might
inflate your spirit.

never enough

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You plant much
and harvest little.
You eat
but are never satisfied.
You drink
but remain thirsty.
You garnish clothing
but shiver in the wind.
You earn wages
but they disappear.

Why is there never enough?

Give thought to your priorities
and to who is first in your heart.

Hunger for the eternal kingdom
and for righteousness.
Then all these things
will be given to you
in good measure:
pressed down,
shaken together,
running over
and poured into your lap.

With the measuring cup you use to give,
will it be measured out to you.


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Jealous people,
petty politics,
ludicrous lies
mendacious missives
(which volley
between kingdoms)
incite factions
into screaming matches
no one
cares for
any one.

The work of our hands
is worth nothing
if the condition of our hearts
is hard.



Not a building
there’s joy
seeing walls
still standing)

or things
(fingering grandma’s
dressing table)

or even a place
(though these trees and valleys
absorb us).

It is completing a circle.
Stepping into the right skin.
Placing a weary head
on a cordial cushion.
It is surrender.

It is

confusing visions


Kingdom after kingdom
rise to fall
(selfish kings
demanding all)
pawn after pawn
after pitiful pawn.

Sometimes seems
(selfish men
grab with glee)
refining fire
on a tree —
some to perish,
some to rest
in the inheritance
of God himself.

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