The world has become such a confusing place.
Up is now down.  Right is now left.
Rules are changing faster than they can be recorded.
I stand and stare.
I don’t know what to think.
Half of me sees merit.  The other half sees doom.
Rome is burning
everyone is posting the event
from their own unique perspective.

How carefree, this new generation,
with no gravity to hold them down!
They will soar, they tell us,
to amazing new heights,
because they are not afraid
and everything is possible.

I try to warn them
about what is beyond the atmosphere,
but they shake their heads
and smile
as if to say,
You just don’t understand, Gogo.
and continue to rise until they top the trees
then disappear into water vapour.

Some do not make it.
I have seen their bodies strewn along the footpaths
muttering to themselves about laws and limitations.

But we clap for everyone.
Everyone is a champion.
No one is wrong.
No one is wrong.

And another bomb goes off in Beirut.