armour-clad (intro)vert
(trans)versing the african bush
by moonlight
in search of arth(ro)pods

you wear your plates well.
little walking arti(choke),
each step a small balancing act,

silently you go wearing your coat of many scales
under the starry mantle of heaven.

seeking mountainous (mole)hills
you probe with a tongue longer than yourself,
then retract it in ticklish delight,
many minuscule morsels making a mighty meal.

with the blushing sky
you head for (holey) home (ground)



This little poem is dedicated to one of my favourite animals.
The third Saturday in February is World Pangolin Day.
By raising awareness about this intriguing mammal
(who is more closely related to bears than armadillos)
maybe we can help preserve them,
for they are endangered in Asia and threatened in Africa.
Their plates are made of the same material as rhino horns.

pan go lin