My discouraged heart surveys the damage.
I stoop to gather
bits of radiant reds and vibrant oranges
strewn about the hoove-pocked garden.

Yet, I cannot despair:
soon rains will brighten bush
luring the nyala
back to finer fare.

mangled flowers grace my kitchen.


 Victoria is hosting at dVerse today, asking “How does your garden grow?
The word to include in our Quadrille (a poem of exactly 44-words, not including the title)  is garden
.  Why not join us and write along!!! 🙂

Our home is in a wildlife estate.  We have all manner of wild critters come crawling through our little residence.  My favourite are the dwarf mongooses.  They scratch and dig for insects and rarely damage my carefully cultivated herb garden.  But at the end of the long dry winter, before the nourishing summer rains, the numerous buck (duiker, impala, nyala, waterbuck and kudu) come nosing around for green vegetation.  They have big appetites and can destroy a garden rather quickly.  And I won’t even get started on the monkeys . . .

(Clockwise from top:  dwarf mongoose, duiker, nyala, vervet monkeys and waterbuck)