Long before the brain wakes, the body goes through its motions. Roll out of bed, stumble to the kitchen, measure out food for the cats, feed the demanding animals, and press the coffee — two cups, one for me and one for you. First I sip the toxic brew while perched at the computer. Then as body, soul and mind begin to operate in union, I gulp the dark elixir. Reading page after page of posted prose I am inspired to put pen to paper. But I have to quell the muse within as it is time to dress and leave for the daily grind. Sadly I sleep the machine and start the next step of the day.

Robin calls at dawn
inviting me to join him
in glorious day.




This is a very quick response to Toni’s invitation over at dVerse to write a Haibun.
Now I will be late to work!  🙂

Weekday Mornings


Somedays we are synced;
we glide like a well-rehearsed symphony,
dancing symmetrically through the house,
complimenting each other’s movements,
creating harmonies that bounce off the walls
and rejoin the chorus.

And somedays we are discordant minors
crashing into each other’s monologues,
tripping over one another’s feet,
cursing the intrusion,
making muddy puddles of malcontent
all over the kitchen floor.