Few things get my dander up
as much as cars parked ON the lines,
or EMPTY bottles in the fridge,
or hearing an incessant whine.

And I can blow a gasket
when others jump a queue,
or abandon dirty dishes,
or leave the top off of the glue.

It drives me right up the wall
when people table-floss
or talk straight through a movie
or kiss-up to the boss.

Chewing with an open mouth —
I go off the deep end!
And don’t call me by some nickname
to sound like you’re my friend.

Borrowing without returning
certainly takes the cake.
And what really gets my goat
is whinging about every ache.

Grammar REALLY matters;
Grandma knows it’s true.
When you’re is your, their is there
and to and two is too.

I suppose it truly takes all kinds
to make the world go ’round.
But I can go ballistic
when stupidity abounds.


Day Nineteen

Prompt: Write a humorous rant.