Bring Hope


Bring hope to the table,
fragrantly hot,
and let us heartily dine.

Then emboldened
we shall bind the broken,
……………..lift the weary,
……………..free the captives,
……………..share hope with the hopeless.

Drunk then in spirit,
we shall sit in awe
to see Christ
in our neighbours’ eyes.


Inspired by “The Tuesday Platform” at Real Toads.
I pray for HOPE in 2018.

Veiled Enigma


Emily said it is the thing with feathers,
a bird in the soul
perpetually singing melodies
which invoke the will.

It is the empty bowl
which in faith is filled,
and not to the brim,
but to overflowing.

It is like a cork,
sometimes overwhelmed
by tyrannical waves
but never down for long.

It’s a salubrious balm.
When grief breaks the heart into tiny pieces,
it does what the king’s horses and men cannot.

It is the unreachable star,
always there — guiding, guarding —
but its presence is more keenly felt
in the darkness of night.

It is the breath to our souls
and the foreshadowing of things yet seen.




DAY FOUR:   Write a poem with a secret, an enigma – in other words, a poem with a word or idea or line that it isn’t expressed directly.

Psalm 63


Fragmented words
like crumbed toast
pulled like lead,
to the floor.

Even cautious steps crackle.

Weary of restless slumber
between sandpaper sheets,
my soul pleads water
but finds dust.

I cling
to hope.

Even when
ears have forgotten how to hear,
eyes have retreated into monochromatic landscapes,
parched mouth has grunted like a great, guttural toad
and feet have stumbled,
I will raise my hands toward your face;
my heart will cry out to you.

Hold me.
Just hold me.

And I will wake
to hear trees clapping with delight,
mountains singing in wild resounding timpanious voice,
oceans bubbling with raucous laughter
and sunshine tingling with melodious jingling chimes.

And I will rise
to see rivers dancing through wastelands,
vibrant colours expanding with breath,
words fledging till they soar,
weaving vigorous vines of flavourful, juice-filled fruit.

I will be stirred
to find a voice of praise
and feet which gambol a dance of unabridged joy.

For you are life
I will cling
to this hope.