It’s only water,

however, I am in awe.

Heavenly grandeur.


November PAD: Day 10

For today’s prompt, write a nature poem.
(The shortest poems are the most difficult for me — this, a haiku.)



With great fury, Wind

shakes each autumn tree bare, then

turns to stroke a cheek.



Prompt: Write an active poem.

I chose to write a haiku. While they seem quite simple and easy (with a 5-7-5 syllabic pattern),
they are actually quite difficult. Here is a great essay on writing haiku by Michael Dylan Welch.



Dry brittle straw stands

Last testament of Summer

Sister’s spiteful touch



Cold snout blows fine dust

Warthog begs on scaly knees

Any tender shoot



Brown on grubby brown

Hornbill slashes at the earth

Putter lost his ball



Grey kwêvoël sits high

Desolate against dull sky

Crying “Go away!”


Frank Tassone is hosting at dVerse today and he’s challenging us to write a haiku sequence using a minimum of three haiku.

I love reading haiku, but avoid writing it as I always feel clumsy and inept.

Precious Gift

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Wait at a snail’s pace.

Time as an opponent, then:

You give me a smile.



NaPoWriMo  – Day Twenty

Day Twenty Prompt:
Write a poem about a handmade or homemade gift that you have received.

It is a quiet, slow day.  Well, all days now in lock-down are quiet and slow.  But my inner life, which is usually buzzing, came to an abrupt halt today.  Not sure if it is because I am tired or just weary, but it is rather startling.  In times like these a heartfelt smile can be worth more than all the money in the world.
My offering today is a simple haiku.


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Once cool, wet, wild stream

jagged rocks, now dusty hot

even tears have dried



I have challenged myself to write EVERY DAY  (not necessarily publish every day) and went back to WordPress Intro to Poetry for inspiration.  Today the challenge is to write a poem about water and to use the haiku form.  We have been MONTHS without rain and everything is dry and dusty.  I will have a celebration when the rains return (and write a poem of rainy joy!).

Waiting for a Reply


Refresh.  And refresh.
Sullenly stare at the screen
for watched-pot emails.




Writing 201: Poetry
Assignment — Day 1:

Prompt: SCREEN
Form: Haiku
Device: Alliteration

Haiku is easily the most difficult form of poetry for me to write.
I admire those who can say so much in 17 syllables.
I love splashing words all over the place in great profusion,
so this was a challenge!
(I wrote over 80 words while searching for these twelve!)

red chairs

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three red chairs









Three lonely red chairs

(as we’re a party of four)

remain forsaken.