reflect – refract – disperse


Accreditation. Good idea but terrible in practice. These people want a hundred million policies and then more policies on policies. And here I sit, the clock counting the minutes, throwing away the hours, as I rehash the old, reformat docs to pedefs, going possum-eyed and head getting stuffed full of cotton wool. I sit till I can’t sit no more. I type till all the letters trip over each other and I want to chuck the keyboard through the screen. I decide to reward frozen fingers with a cup of hot coffee. Dark mood, darker kitchen, I draw back the curtains. And there it is. Right smack in the front of a bulging charcoal cloud — the fattest most vibrant rainbow I have ever seen. It fills the kitchen with shimmering light, spilling blue on floor and throwing red on the walls. Suddenly my feet have wings and I dance all over the linoleum, arms flapping, a big silly grin slapped across my face. My heart sails into the sky doing loop-de-loops around the electric colours.

Heavy grey canvas
God takes his watercolours
And paints a warm smile





Accreditation is why you won’t see me much around here for a while.  Told a week ago I have four weeks to “get it all together.”  My brain is turning to mush.  My fingers don’t fall on the right keys anymore.  But this morning I got a burst of joy, and it carried me for the rest of the day.

Over at dVerse it was Haibun Monday. (I thought I couldn’t take time to join in). Grace challenged us to “Think about a moment of your typical day (first person singular). This can be your morning routine, commute, day in the office, a walk in the afternoon, household chores, grocery shopping, gardening etc. Here’s the challenge: write and find the “extra” in your ordinary day.”

Well, there you are.  🙂

The Weeping Philosopher


The Obscure spoke. Most shook their heads and turned away. “The way up and the way down are the one and same. Living and dying, waking and sleeping, young and old, are the same.”  Heraclitus watched them walk away and scorned them. Why could they not see that all things change and arise from change and then change again? Round and round and round we go. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Feed and be fed. Breathe and be breathed. Closed system continually reshaping, remoulding, reworking itself. Atom to atom, cell to cell. A riddle within a rhyme.

cycles of nature
regenerating the earth
world in a raindrop




Over at dVerse it’s Haibun Monday and Toni is hosting the event.  Today’s theme is “change” and it brought to mind the words of Heraclitus, “The only thing that is constant is change.”

恵雨  けいう   Keiu


(welcome rain)

A car, lumbering down the gravel road, throws waves of dust into the air. Borne on a hot, lazy breeze the disturbed soil tumbles like a tired swarm of locust until it loses momentum and settles back over the surface of terra firma. Everything is still. Everything waits. Nature holds her breath. Then there’s a sudden, muffled sound of a fist striking a plump feather pillow as a tiny explosion sends a miniature brown plume of dirt rising. Then there’s another and another. Heavy liquid drops of heaven are falling on the land, slowly at first and then faster and faster. Raindrops pin the dust to the ground and fill the air with the scent of newness.

Soft earth reaches out
to embrace angels’ tears and
draw them to her breast.



Over at dVerse Toni hosted Haibun Monday.  The prompt was “rain” and Toni shared some of the many different and beautiful words for “rain” in Japanese.  Check it out!  This is my small offering (late as usual).



Long before the brain wakes, the body goes through its motions. Roll out of bed, stumble to the kitchen, measure out food for the cats, feed the demanding animals, and press the coffee — two cups, one for me and one for you. First I sip the toxic brew while perched at the computer. Then as body, soul and mind begin to operate in union, I gulp the dark elixir. Reading page after page of posted prose I am inspired to put pen to paper. But I have to quell the muse within as it is time to dress and leave for the daily grind. Sadly I sleep the machine and start the next step of the day.

Robin calls at dawn
inviting me to join him
in glorious day.




This is a very quick response to Toni’s invitation over at dVerse to write a Haibun.
Now I will be late to work!  🙂