free weight


today he exploded,
scattering bits of his psyche
about the room.

the fuse was lit on monday,
terminal velocity reached on tuesday,
wednesday was down to earth.

gravity pulls him
with a force stronger than others
in direct proportion
to his desire to fly.


This is a silly bit of free verse in Day 7 — “letting go.”
It is dedicated to one of my precious students
who finds life too confining.



Steadily pulling,
you drag us to our graves.

What delight springs forth at birth:
a hope,
a dare,
a laugh in the face of newton.

But each skinned knee
is a reminder
of mortality.

With time
(which you also bend to your whim)
we learn to stay aright
and even use attraction to suit our wiles.

As I go
I will sing a song
of invincible grace.
And by that grace
I will thank you very kindly
for recycling these bones.

For the more you claim
the more love
will create.