I Wonder


Your passing was unexpected
but not a surprise.
I have to keep reminding myself
that you are not here.

And while well-wishers
and second cousins
continually proclaim
that you are
……..1) smiling down on us from heaven,
……..2) sitting in the lap of Jesus,
……..3) much better off now than you were last week,
I wonder.

What is it like,
shedding mortality,
crossing dimensions?

When it happens to me
and I step into eternity,
will it not mean we all arrive
only from different doorways?

As one
will we enter the sanctuary
for that neverending wedding party?

I wonder.

PAD 30

Prompt: Write a goodbye poem.

Since these are April prompts, the 30th is the last day of Poem-A-Day,
that’s why the prompt is a “goodbye.”
This poem is for a dear friend who passed away. We had a memorial service for him today.

another adieu


This watercolour life is bleeding into a running tap,
colours circling the basin before they disappear.
Desperately I try to snatch them back
but I am only left with wet hands
and grey guts.

I know
we are not promised
eternity this side of heaven
but some
to pass before their time.

I am too weary
of saying goodbye,
too tired to lift my head for the chorus,
too washed out to feel the pain.

So forgive me if I retreat in silence.
My head knows
the sun will rise in the morning.
But my heart still holds the shadows.



Written for d’Verse   (meant for five days ago — I am slower than slow)  on Abhra’s last time as host for d’Verse Poetics prompt.  The prompt: write a poem about the farewell you gave but didn’t mean to.

Thank you, Ben


Thank you, Ben,
for 201 again,
for the assignments tough,
for the meeting place (great stuff!),
for such detailed contents
and your snappy comments,
for fellowship sweet —
reading others: what a treat!

And now that we’re done,
after all the fun,
to our own blogs we’ll go
(with a cuppa joe)
to practise what we’ve learned
and hopefully return
to 201 again
with our beloved Ben!


Well, there it is:  Writing 201 wrapped up.
The two weeks (ten days really) went by so fast.
Thanks to Ben Huberman, our assignment-giver, encourager, guide and word-wielder.

I had trouble posting everything on time (internet woes and mad work schedule)
but the assignments were challenging and informative.
I will return to these assignments and explore them in more detail 
(and with, perhaps, more compliance).
And the best part:  I made some new friends and met some great poets.
Salani kahle, everyone!  (Stay well.)