Your passing was unexpected
but not a surprise.
I have to keep reminding myself
that you are not here.

And while well-wishers
and second cousins
continually proclaim
that you are
……..1) smiling down on us from heaven,
……..2) sitting in the lap of Jesus,
……..3) much better off now than you were last week,
I wonder.

What is it like,
shedding mortality,
crossing dimensions?

When it happens to me
and I step into eternity,
will it not mean we all arrive
only from different doorways?

As one
will we enter the sanctuary
for that neverending wedding party?

I wonder.

PAD 30

Prompt: Write a goodbye poem.

Since these are April prompts, the 30th is the last day of Poem-A-Day,
that’s why the prompt is a “goodbye.”
This poem is for a dear friend who passed away. We had a memorial service for him today.