Life Journey


Yesterday I learned how to shave.
Today, thinning hair I would save.
Years, they pelt past;
It all flies so fast.
This journey from cradle to grave.



Writing 201: Poetry
Assignment — Day 2:

Prompt: Journey
Form: Limerick
Device: Alliteration

Personal note:
THIS was a challenge of note!  Journey — tick.
Limerick — tick.  Alliteration — really?  🙂
I managed to get a tiny bit of alliteration in the 3rd and 4th lines.
(I am actually quite mad for alliteration and use it most meticulously, but here I felt my metacarpals were manacled by the multiplex mission.  *rolls eyes*)

Summer Rain




Sunset shower scalds

like refiner’s golden fire,

cleansing sweat of day.



Writing 201: Poetry
Assignment — Day 1:

Prompt: Water
Form: Haiku
Device: Simile

Personal note:  I knew the form for the first day would be haiku.
Why?  Because I am a super long-winded person and haiku is so terribly difficult for me.
How to say what you want to say in 17 syllables!

A New Writing Adventure



WordPress is offering another writing course, this time POETRY, and I have signed up.  With much excitement and trepidation, I look forward to the launch tomorrow.

Two weeks of exploring poetry.  You should join us!

Watch this space . . .

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