That is Autumnus.

He’s the administrator of the Ingathering Division.

He takes his work quite seriously.

He’ll spend a bit of time

in the office

at the beginning of his shift

flirting with Summer,

but don’t let that fool you;

he’s all business once he starts.

And when he’s finished

he’ll pack up and move

to the northern office.

I tried teasing him once —

saying he migrates with the birds —

and he looked at me

with that huge furrowed brow of his

and replied

“Who do you think sends them?

They are my advanced team.”

He sometimes introduces himself

as “Harvest.”

The northern branches

can be quite cheeky

and have given him nicknames

like “Fall” and “Backend.”

But I wouldn’t do that,

not unless you want an unseasonable flurry of snow

or a sudden hailstorm!

He’s mostly a pretty decent sort of chap,

but he’s been known to give a cold shoulder.

Now that I think about it,

you and he have a lot in common!

Come on,

let me introduce you!


April 2021 is done and dusted.

But I will miss the challenge of facing daily poetry writing prompts.

So, I thought I’d pretend it’s April Fools Day and start all over again with Writer’s Digest’s April PAD (poem a day) challenge. 😊❤️ Apologies to those who breathed a sigh of relief. 😂

“Today’s” prompt: Write an introduction poem.

Loving this season! 😊