Every night in my dreams

I see it, I hear it —

Tell me when this nightmare will end.

It plays there in the station

The taxi, lift and weight room

And I am slowly going ‘round the bend.

Here, there, and everywhere

This melody annoys me to the core.

Over again, an endless refrain

It will play on repeat and rewind

And this song will go on and on . . .

I hum it in the shower,

Find I’m singing it every hour,

Praying that it’ll get out of my head.

Regret when I first heard it,

And even though I’ve spurned it,

I fear forever it’ll always go on and on and on . . .



Day Twenty-Six

Prompt: Write a parody. Besides being fun, writing parodies can be a great way to hone your poetic skills – particularly your sense of rhyme and sound, as you try to mimic the form of an existing poem while changing the content. Just find a poem – or a song – that has always annoyed you, and write an altered, silly version of it.

Can you guess the song I parodied? Yes: My Heart Will Go On. 😂