You’ll manage.
Because that’s what we do.
change is only looking at the problem
in a new way.

…..(I’ve shared so much pizza
… equal parts
…..with so many people
… my day.

…..I’ve numbered too many trees
… too many rows
… too many orchards
…..over time.)

In the end
it all comes down to:
embracing what we know
waiting for the feet
of the dreamers
to touch ground.

One day
the insides will match the outsides.

Until then,
you’ll manage.



Day Twenty-Three

Prompt: Write a poem that responds, in some way, to another. This could be as simple as using a line or image from another poem as a jumping-off point, or it could be a more formal poetic response to the argument or ideas raised in another poem.

I read and then responded to New Math by Nikki Grimes.