There was a moment once,
just once,
when everything
Not one being drew breath.
Even the celestial bodies paused,
the weight nearly crushing creation.
It was the only time
heaven’s door has closed,
as a solitary man
cried out,
then died.


GloPoWrMo2020wDay Six NaPoWriMo 2020
Today I did not follow the prompt at NaPoWriMo.  You can check it out, if you like.  It was just too difficult a reach for me.
So, I went to one of my most favourite places, dVerse, where De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) is hosting Quadrille Monday.  A Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words (not including the title) and today De has chosen the word CLOSE (pronounced either way, and as any form of speech)  to be used in the poem.  Try it!