Like Mike learned
(mostly the hard way)
(according to Perl)
persistence will eventually pay off.

John tried to explain to Mike
that everything will be okay in the end,
and if it’s not okay,  then it’s not the end.
But Mike just wanted to get to that conclusion.

Fred said there is eternal recurrence
which made Mike scratch his head
until Tom explained
that life is a circle
(Pooh and Piglet
going round and round the spinney
after Woozles).
Gilbert said that is sheer nonsense.
and described concrete beginnings
with well-defined ends
(Chris was in the branches
and brought the hunt to an end).

Mike said he was getting tired
and just wanted to go to bed.
“Exactly!” said Elwyn
(not sure just how
he’d been pulled into the discussion).
“End the day now
and tomorrow
you will
begin again.”


PAD 30 in November

For today’s prompt, write a “the end” poem.  You can reach the end of a book, journey, or conversation. 

Beginnings and endings.  Within this little piece are the philosophies of Lennon, Nietzche, Mann, Chesterton and White.  A little nonsense for the end of November.