I am beloved by many. Over a billion people like me. 

350m people choose me. #socialbutterfly #popular

I am sweet sixteen and very, very rich.

I’m 14. #youngandtalented

I am versatile and can do many, many different things.

I am short and to the point. #whywastewords

I connect people and strengthen friendships.

I share ideas. #tellmewhatyouthink

People reminisce with me; they sit and look through albums of photos from days gone by.

I move people.  I deliver important news. #whassup

The average person spends 40 minutes a day with me. That’s 245 hours each year – or ten solid days.

Most spend only 3 min/day w/me. #don’twastemytime

Well, we are different in so many ways!  You’re younger, faster, shorter, sharper, while I am older, slower, longer and comfortable.

Hey – there’s a place for us both. #bff #diversityisgood

All the best, Twitter!  May you add many tweeters.  And stay strong!

Thanks, friend Facebook.  May you have many more years of successful interfacing.  #livelongandprosper




PAD 24 in November

Write a poem with dialogue. 

Okay — this is just plan silly.