Close your eyes.
Gently close them.
Now, take the first left after the green dragon.
Then hop forward on one foot
until you see a pink unicorn.
Turn around three times
and touch the ground.
Then climb the nearest Sequoia,
jump onto the second cumulous cloud
and ride it past Alpha Centauri
(A or B).
Skim the cream
from the top of the Milky Way.
and pour it over the head of Orion.
Catch the first falling star
and shoot back toward the Blue Planet.
Hop off when you get to lightning
and ride the rainbow back to your room.
Then slip under
your nice, warm feather duvet.


PAD 23 In November

For today’s prompt, write an instructional poem. Your poem could be a set of instructions, or be from the perspective of the teacher or the student.

*  “ukuLala” is an isiZulu word (translated into English as ” to sleep“).  I often refer to the place we go when we slumber as “lala-land.” After the romantic comedy-drama musical film, I couldn’t really use that word again without conjuring up visions of Stone and Gosling dancing with the LA skyline behind them.  So, rather than title this poem “Directions to Lalaland,” I christened it “KwaLala” (“kwa” in isiZulu means “place of”).