My dusty eyes
scanning the wild African sky
for your silhouette.
Long past identifying shades,
weary of lesser things,
I almost despair
I recognise
the triangular rudder
manipulating heavenly currents,
rejoice in the feathery fingers
pulling clouds
like so much water across canvas.
You have come home,
conducting my dreams
over the firmament.

Now my soul is settled —
the pieces are each in place —
the raptor returns.


Laura is the host today at dVerse, and she has introduced three foreign language poets, challenging us to select one of the poems and write our own interpretation.  I chose ‘Migratory Birds’ by Desanka Maksimović, who was a Serbian poet, professor of literature, and a member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.  Her poem about wild geese migrating, carrying away dear things, made me think of Yellow-billed Kites and how my heart is so sad when they migrate north in our winter.  I saw my first YBK, unofficially marking spring, a few days ago.  And my heart leapt with joy.