Freesia laxa

Tiny seeds, no bigger than flakes of pepper, scattered haphazardly in a forlorn tray of poor soil, are forgotten.  Weeks later thin stalks begin to break ground.  Long emerald fingers emerge from the confused dirt, stretching skyward.  Vibrant life, pulsing, pushing, reaching higher every day.  Then suddenly, on a slow Friday morning, a small, six-petalled wildflower appears, punctuating sharp leaves with fire.

Stark green grassy blades
pointing accusing fingers
kissed by red blossoms.



Merril is hosting the final Haibun Monday before dVerse goes on its summer break.
A Haibun is comprised of 1-2 tight paragraphs followed by a traditional Haiku.
Merril asks us to conjure the magic of nature in a Haibun.