Sling across slopes
fastening on sky. A lot of which
the pulmonary organs won’t receive.

Then everything is rotating fireworks, I am
the centre.  The young lady
on her backside

throwing a fit
on the ground of the pharmacy
up to the point where her mom rises and departs.

The red beetle’s blue-grey
lower limbs pumping automatedly
till they quieten

and crease.  The frame
is a sleeve.
The atmosphere dark

gems and inert fas
I am much too distant
to mourn.


I’m a bit sad that NaPoWriMo has come to an end, so I found some online prompts that I will try to follow in May, just to keep the writing going.
Why not write along!?  🙂

Today I am writing a homolinguistic translation.  The prompt is below in red, the poem which I “translated” is Figure, ground by Melissa Stein.  This was quite fun!
(Thank you and apologies to Melissa Stein. She is an American poet who holds an MA in creative writing from the University of California at Davis and is a freelance editor and writer in San Francisco.  I adore her poem Figure, ground!)

1 May:    Homolinguistic translation: Take a poem (someone else’s, then your own) and translate it “English to English” by substituting word for word, phrase for phrase, line for line, or “free” translation as response to each phrase or sentence. 

Figure, ground

by Melissa Stein

Catapult through hills
locking on air. So much of it
the lungs won’t take it in.

Then all’s a pinwheel, I’m
the pin. The girl
on her back

having a tantrum
on the drugstore floor
until her mother stands up and leaves.

The ladybug’s gunmetal
legs pedaling machinely
until they still

and fold. The body
is an envelope.
The air black

diamonds and helium
I’m far too far
to grieve.