Old photographs blanket the table here –
from infant, child, to mother and to gran.
Frozen moments juxtaposed year through year,
like God, see all moments now ‘cross the span.

So much time and water, which having run
the course – sometimes sweet and at times damn mean –
leave wounds and hurt which pock and scar and stun,
clouding what was once bright and clear, serene.

A melancholy settles in the soul.
A pining for the faces which have gone.
A longing for the laughter which made whole.
A sadness for the days like curtains drawn.

On the horizon, there where we are bound,
mystery of departing common ground.




“Remix” a Shakespearean sonnet.

The most difficult part of this assignment was choosing a sonnet.

SO, since this is the 27th day of NaPoWriMo, I chose Sonnet 27.  It is a part of the “Fair Youth” sonnets (1-126), and the first in a group of five sonnets that portray the poet in solitude and meditating from a distance on the young man.

My “sonnet” is one of solitude of an older woman (Unattractive Elder) who is reflecting on her days (which now seem too few and too fast).