Anticipation builds
like pressure in a can of shaken Coke.
Finally, the day arrives.
Boys and balls bounce everywhere.

Chevy wagon profusely packed with half the home’s contents.
Four young moist bodies are sardine-tinned in the middle.
Sweaty feet shrouded in smelly sneakers kick the seat
.              .            .           .            .            and brothers’ feet
in time to the song on the radio.

Dad drives.  Mom continually adjusts the air vents
mentioning how lovely air conditioning would be.

The sultry day stretches out like a cat in the yard.
Time and roads seem to last a lifetime
and whinging competes with motor whine.
Bubbly expectation is still as flat soda.

And then, when empty silence weights the in-between space,
one set of eyes
.     .    .    .  spies
the sign — “DISNEYLAND”
and a blast of electric current flashes through the vehicle
charging little frames with frenetic energy,
And the long, hot journey is forgotten.


Intro to Poetry
Day Four: Journey
Today, write a poem about a journey.  Enhance your poem with a simile.