knit together, i am an oversized, cowl-necked jersey in hues of magenta, orchid and plum, with pulled threads and mothy holes.
i am a word-squeezer, thirsty for juice, clumsily wielding a sword, often slaying the metaphor.
i am a reluctant domestic, dragging lead feet and dirty mops across well-worn floors.
i am grey chameleon who refuses to blush, insisting the environment must change.
i am thirty-seven trillion cells, all intricately fitted together like proud jigsaw pieces.
i am a muffin-maker, bread baker, dish washer, laundry-folder, dust-buster.
i am tired
and lay me down to sleep.


Day six and we are making I AM statements and then reworking them into descriptive, tactile poems.
Today was   L O N G  and taxing.  With self-love I’m putting myself to bed.