(photo by Sharon Knight @  –  see notes below)

The universe throbs
sending impulses, one cell to the next
through billions and billions of bonds.

From lightning sky to tributaries,
from streaming tributaries to branches,
from xylem-brimmed branches to blood,
from arteried blood to dendrites.

Let’s join hands
and pass love letters in synapses,
till our hearts pulse as one,

from dendrites to blood,
blood to branches,
branches to tributaries,
tributaries to sky,

and let the whole of creation sing!





Mish is the host at dVerse today and she has introduced us to a most amazing artist, Sharon Knight. Today we are to choose ANY photo from Sharon Knight’s blog, Sunearthsky – Meditations from the Midwest.  allow it to take us in any direction and use the inspiration to write.  I chose the beautiful DENDRITES which you can see above.

Thank you, Mish, for the introduction. And, Sharon, thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and your life with us.