Cloud and Wind fought hard one day for first place in the sky.

Cloud rose up, billowing high, large and dark and grey.
Wind then blew a forceful blast to drive his foe away.

On and on the battle raged, neither could prevail.

Cloud unsheathed a savage sword to rend his rival in two.
Wind did the same, a sabre pulled, and at the enemy flew.

As blades met, the heavens roared, the earth trembled in fear.

On they raged, shredding the sphere, frightening creation below.
Then God said, “That’s far enough!! My power now you’ll know.”

He caused their burnished blades to fall streaking to the ground.

And where each weapon touched the soil a wondrous thing arose —
a spike of blossoms sprang up tall in sunshine to repose.

The feuding rascals stood quite still amazed by God’s good grace.

And so today those blooms still thrive, brightening downcast hearts.
Gladiolus, little sword, for peace we play our part.





Day Nineteen: Write a poem that recounts a creation myth.