though i walk
though i walk
though i stumble
though i fall

though i despair
in the tyranny of the urgent
in the whining of bloodsuckers

though i drown in coffee and clichés
in an airless crate
battered by window-dressing words

will i close my eyes,
inhale your mercy
and plunge feet-first
into the ocean of your grace



Today I paint with words for the first time in what seems like forever.
Buried over the last few months by the weight of submitting a report (over 800 pages) for accreditation, I have been pummelled by bureaucratic words and been forced to write “blah-blah.”
This morning I allowed myself the indulgence of reading submissions for the poetic challenge at D’verse and was inspired by Sylvia Chan’s painting “New Beginnings.”
(THANK YOU to Mish for hosting and to Sylvia for inspiration!)
I then played hookey for an hour and wrote the above.
Before I return to the last gasps of my odious endeavour, I will post this — with the hope that this new year brings freedom from the heaviness of red-taped weary words.
Here’s to a 2017 filled with frolicsome scribbling.