This parting
— so final,
so incomplete,
so lopsided,
so confusing.

We spoke,
yesterday —
global politics
and all the things you knew so much more about than I.
inquisitive you,
always poking and prodding and pushing to hold the world in your arms.

No one understood
when you tried to describe the pain.
We guessed and second-guessed,
completing both sides of the conversation.
Only one party satisfied.
But not really.

We saw
but averted our eyes
and didnโ€™t see.
You knew.
That interloper,
once part of you,
broke away and declared independence.

You began to slip away.
and then tired,
you let go
fell through a transitive window,
in deed
though not in word.

I light a candle
and pray
that you were caught
on the other side.