(welcome rain)

A car, lumbering down the gravel road, throws waves of dust into the air. Borne on a hot, lazy breeze the disturbed soil tumbles like a tired swarm of locust until it loses momentum and settles back over the surface of terra firma. Everything is still. Everything waits. Nature holds her breath. Then there’s a sudden, muffled sound of a fist striking a plump feather pillow as a tiny explosion sends a miniature brown plume of dirt rising. Then there’s another and another. Heavy liquid drops of heaven are falling on the land, slowly at first and then faster and faster. Raindrops pin the dust to the ground and fill the air with the scent of newness.

Soft earth reaches out
to embrace angels’ tears and
draw them to her breast.



Over at dVerse Toni hosted Haibun Monday.  The prompt was “rain” and Toni shared some of the many different and beautiful words for “rain” in Japanese.  Check it out!  This is my small offering (late as usual).