Slothfully slow
her every action
suggests weariness.
With a sigh
she pulls her favourite lavender cardigan
over her old-lady tummy
and buttons it.

Once upon a time she would have argued (and won)
with her know-it-all daughter-in-law.
Mauve, indeed, she thinks,
pulling the lightweight, silver walking frame over.
She begins the shuffle toward breakfast.

Creamed wheat.
milky soup.
Oh, a lifetime of days till Sunday.
Wondrous, Bacon Sunday



Over at d’Verse,  guest-host Walter Wojtanik challenges us to write a character study.  “Tell us about this person through their actions (without naming the character). Let their quirks and traits speak for them.”

I have more work to do on this piece, but my eyes won’t stay open and my fingers aren’t cooperating.