Today I could just walk away, walk away and keep right on goin’.
I’d leave all them piles of dirty clothes, dishes and kids right where they are.
I’d walk myself out the house and let the screen door go with a big ol’ BAM!
I’d trek down Main, losing this faded blue apron like a snake shedding its skin.
I’d feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair and I’d breathe deep.
Past the five-and-dime, past the Piggly Wiggly, past the harmonizin’ Methodists.
And I’d just keep goin’, past the element’ry and the middle and the high.
I’d walk till I was a hundred miles away, and then I’d keep on walking.
I’d walk me through the Big Black River and right over Woodall Mountain.
I’d cross the Tennessee River and follow the Natchez Trace to Nashville.
And then when I got there I’d pick me up a guitar and start singing.
I’d change my name to Lila Mae and . . . Damn!
There goes that blasted kitchen timer. Best go take out the cake ‘fore it burns.



NaPoWriMo — Day Twenty-Seven:  Write a poem with very long lines. You can aim for seventeen syllables, but that’s just a rough guide.