From the mountaintops,
from the valleys low,
sun, moon and stars,
as you shine and glow,

Celebrate the Lord!

From the heavens high,
from the earth below,
Clouds racing the sky
full of rain and snow,

Celebrate the Lord!

Beasts great and small,
dragons of the sea,
snakes, and birds in flight,
fruit and forest tree,

Celebrate the Lord!

Fiercest fire so hot,
stormy ice so cold,
pauper, master, king,
all the young and old,

Celebrate the Lord!

He who surely gives
and can take away,
Put your trust in him,
and in love obey.

Celebrate the Lord!
Celebrate the Lord!



NaPoWriMo — Day Twenty-Six: Write a poem that incorporates a call and response.

This feels like a giant cheat.  It’s not original; it is a rendering of Psalm 148.  
I just repainted it — gave it a new coat.   😉