She sambas in celebration of life,
under saffron sun through its golden strings,
splashing colour from pillar to post,
painting p(raise)
and (pray)se
and praise again.

She passacaglias in times of somber heartache
‘neath the slivery moon and spr(inkling) of stars
washing wounds with wondrous words, wondering why
challenging status
and quo
and status quo.

She waltzes in heart-skipping, intoxicating devotion,
through conventional day and modest night,
honouring the one to whom she’s entrusted her heart,
lifting worth-ness
and worth-ship
and worship again.



Here is the challenge over at dVerse:  write about a poet you know.
(If you can, choose a poet from the dVerse community).

I wanted to pay homage to a very special poet in the dVerse community,
but all my words seemed clumsy and  inadequate. Would that I had her gift of verse!  🙂