Today (indeed, most days) I am a Took.
Ramble and bamble, I recklessly roar
through cavernous quiet, serious score,
swallowed by Willow who grows by a brook.

Today (in fact, always) I am a Took.
Bumble and stumble, throw pearls before swine,
bellow at fellows about when to dine
“borrow” the palantir to have a good look.

Today I am a Took (if truth be told).
I poke and I prod and try to disguise.
I query and question and challenge the wise.
My lack of forethought is thought to be bold.

Despite all the blunders, the Almighty still
uses my errors to accomplish His will




NaPoWriMo — Day Twenty-Three: Write  a sonnet.

What can I say?  I am reading LOTR again.
I really identify with Pip.  He is impulsive and rash, but good-hearted.
I am eternally grateful for grace (which redeems even us Pippins!).