you who once ruled the heavens
— inkosi wamazulu —
were thrown into orbit
around the fiery sun.

With you were exiled
the planetseimals,
on one side the Trojans
and the other the Greeks.
Round and round you all go
— zungeza futhi azungeze —
ever pursuing, ever pursued.

yet chasing Hector,
is there among the thousands,
punctuated with maculae,
riddled with little tongues,
fractured by fossae.)

Slowly Saturn,
usurper of time,
pulls and ejects your warriors
one by one.
they travel the cosmos
looking for a new home.

Father Sky,
— ubaba wamazulu —
you will once again,
be abandoned
to whims and imagination.



NaPoWriMo β€” Day Seventeen:   Find a specialized dictionary, for example: a dictionary of nautical terms, or woodworking terms, or geology terms.  Write a poem that incorporates at least ten words from your specialized source. 

I took words from a dictionary on “astronomy and planetary geology.”  I spent several hours reading about Jupiter trojans (or Trojan asteroids) and their origin, orbits and projected future.  From there I went to a dictionary on “Greek and Roman mythology.”
Good thing today is a Sunday.  😊