I give you,

asteroid impact

my children,

atmospheric shift

this beautiful world,


not as a tool or a toy

causative agents

but as a life support system,

climate change

as an integral part of who you are,

ecological degradation

so that you do not forget


that from this planet’s dust you came

lessons of past extinctions

and to it you shall return.


I give it to you that you might care for it,

randomness in species survival

nurture and protect it in all its diversity,

sea levels

as your very heartbeat depends upon its health.





NaPoWriMo — Day Twelve:  Write an index poem. You could start with language from an actual index, or you could invent an index.

My index offering comes from From The Sixth Extinction, Biodiversity and Its Survival by Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin, published in 1995.  (I chose the first book on the shelf my hand found.)  The entry was “extinction.” I used the actual words recorded there (every second line).  I juxtaposed the index entries with our “responsibility.”

We have the potential to create and redeem.  
We often choose greed and self.

(I think I should try another index poem with a slightly more up-beat theme.)