We are happy you are choosing living. We believe that you will be appreciating the immense popularise notion of inhaling that is making breathing great consequence and taking this condition to remind you to fill the lungs to the full measure every so much. The heart should keep the rhythm if you give careful treatment for many years. And you must be making in jesting a peaceful and lovely opportunity to assist in getting the nutrients to where they need to retire. You will feel the fragility and the pusillanimity of the life and appreciate the indelible vigorous as you live it. There is time for heedful and for abandon. To know the properly time is most excellence. We wish you fine living.



Today I opened a box of playing cards which were manufactured in China.
On one of the extra cards I found the following message:

“Thanks very much for playing Binwang playing cards, these cards are made of worldly best paper which is imported from German and it deal specially with exquisite procedure. We believe that you will feel the special softness, flatness and folder-proof when you playing it. Its feel and quality is obviously larruping.”


I love it.  I get the gist (Okay — maybe not that last sentence.  I am still trying to figure out how the quality can be “larruping.”) of the message.  It is almost poetic.
So, I wrote the piece above as an “introduction” to life.
It was VERY difficult.  I prefer the piece which came with the cards.