love words
i do.
all shapes,
all sizes,
weaving and lacing them together
into coats of many colours
to clothe the naked world.

i do.
sharing the words,
throwing them around the classroom
in splashy messiness,
making stained glass mosaics
through which the sun shines.

i do.
because i was made
to the praise
of his glory,
turning everything i touch
into honour and service.

i am a little learner
knitting tangible words
into ethereal garments
of grace.


blogging u

Yes, I did.  I signed up for Blogging 101.
I’ve done Writing 101 and 201 (twice)
but have never done a blogging course.

Today is DAY ONE and we are meant to introduce ourselves.
Since this blog, little learner, is mostly poetry/prose,
I thought I’d introduce myself in the style of the blog.

Hello!  Welcome to the wordy world of Little Learner!