Thank you, Ben,
for 201 again,
for the assignments tough,
for the meeting place (great stuff!),
for such detailed contents
and your snappy comments,
for fellowship sweet —
reading others: what a treat!

And now that we’re done,
after all the fun,
to our own blogs we’ll go
(with a cuppa joe)
to practise what we’ve learned
and hopefully return
to 201 again
with our beloved Ben!


Well, there it is:  Writing 201 wrapped up.
The two weeks (ten days really) went by so fast.
Thanks to Ben Huberman, our assignment-giver, encourager, guide and word-wielder.

I had trouble posting everything on time (internet woes and mad work schedule)
but the assignments were challenging and informative.
I will return to these assignments and explore them in more detail 
(and with, perhaps, more compliance).
And the best part:  I made some new friends and met some great poets.
Salani kahle, everyone!  (Stay well.)