The walk down O’Shaughnessy through Glen Park was a long one.
The eucalyptus berries which were trampled underfoot released a pungent fragrance.
Even now the scent wafts back over 26 years and more than15 000 kilometres.

I google-walked the old neighbourhood last night.
There’s a Starbucks on the corner where a stationery shop used to be.
Ebenezer Lutheran Church is now painted purple. Large banners announce the celebration of the feast of the divine goddess, drumming circles and kundalinin yoga.
McAteer High School has become Ruth Asawa School of the Arts.
The old busses have been replaced by hydro-electric ones.
The frozen yogurt shop is a deli.
The coffee shop is a dry cleaners.
The pizza place is a French bistro which bookends a psychic with sushi.

Ten minutes and my nostalgic arm-chair tour was complete.
As I navigated my internet ship away from street-view maps,
I felt the old familiar tug at my heart.
A piece of me still lives in the shadow of Twin Peaks.

I wonder how many other spectres wander the streets at night.