I have known you for so long.

But lately you have created distance,
and my heart misses you.

You, such a clown,
make them laugh,
keep the attention away from reality.

Today I could see
the story I read touched you.

I ask you to record what you feel.

Later, after the final bell,
my eyes scan your carefully written prose.

Smiling, I reply,
but this time in blue ink.



Day THIRTY:  Backwards

Write a poem backwards. Start with the last line and work your way up the page to the beginning. . This will probably feel a bit strange, but it just may help you see the formal “opening” and “closing” strategies of your poems in a new way!

This WAS strange.  I found myself having to focus a great deal more than I usually do on simple things like tense!  But it was rewarding as I am happy with the simple piece that appeared.