In the Shade of the Baobab,
the debut (tah dah!)
collection of traditional tales (and tails)
by Zinyo Bukhali Ngwenya,
travels from
mischievous Nogwaja
(foxy hare,
wascally wabbit)
to the thundering Ndlovu
(most sensitive
but rather clumsy elephant).

These (sketchy) narratives
explain some
behaviours (bee on your best) of
African night wild life
while at the same time (tick tock)
teaching old age age-old

Illustrious illustrations,
also by Ms Ngwenya, (WATCH THOSE TEETH!)
are bright watercolour
washes of African bush. (Brought to you by OMO.)

This is a book that will be read (white, green, yellow, black and blue)
and cherished
for years to come
and then passed on (because you will be late)
to the next generation.

As Nogwaja says,
What is life without a little mischief now and then?




Day Twenty-Nine:  Review Poem

Write a poem in the form of a review. You can review either animate or inanimate things, real places or imaginary places. You can write in the style of an online review (think Yelp) or something more formal that you might find in a newspaper or magazine. 

This was difficult.  I wrote a straight review of a fabricated book and then turned it into a circus of a poem.
But once I started dissecting and stitching up, it was rather fun.  There are a few inside South African jokes.  😉