I know that John lost his dad in a car accident two years ago and that sometimes he still cries himself to sleep at night.

I know that Cindy’s mother doesn’t have time to spend with her ever since the baby came and so Cindy’s homework is not always signed.

I know that Dan’s father is an alcoholic and comes home after midnight every night and wakes the family up, shouting and screaming at them.

I know that Sam’s parents had a big fight and yelled at each other and threw things at each other and that Sam and his little sister hid behind the couch.

I know that Dorothy’s mom went away and that Dorothy doesn’t know why and that Dorothy blames herself, thinking her mom hated her so much she couldn’t stay.

I know that Greg’s dad was so angry with Greg’s mom that he put rat poison in her food and that Greg ate it and was in hospital for two weeks.

I know that David never brings a lunch to school because there is no food at home.

I know that Nancy’s mother works in a city far away and that Nancy never knew her dad and that she is being raised by her grandparents who are very old and tired.

I know that the children in my class are a gift from God.
I know that they are each unique and precious.
I know that I love them beyond words and will fight for them
and pray for them
and work hard for them that they might be the best that they can be.
I know that life is not fair, but God is good, and that he can make something beautiful out of something ugly and painful.

I know this
because he did it for me.








Day Twenty : I Know Poem

Today’s challenge: write a poem that states the things you know. For example, “The sky is blue” or “Pizza is my favourite food” or “The world’s smallest squid is Parateuthis tunicata. Each line can be a separate statement, or you can run them together. The things you “know” of course, might be facts, or they might be a little bit more like beliefs. Hopefully, this prompt will let your poem be grounded in specific facts, while also providing room for more abstract themes and ideas.

This “poem” was difficult and easy to write:  Difficult because it is hard for me to think about what the children in my class have to bear.  Easy because it is all true.  (The names have been changed.)