An ever-widening mouth is hungry.
If you don’t feed it, the outcast will fill it for you.






Day Nineteen : Landay

Today’s challenge:  write a Landay.  Landay is a form of folk poetry from Afghanistan. Traditionally recited or sung aloud, and frequently anonymous, the form is a couplet comprised of 22 syllables. The first line has 9 syllables and the second line 13 syllables. The Landay has a wondrous and haunting history.  Read more about the Landay here.  

South Africa is suffering “growing pains.”  We became a democracy without really understanding what a democracy is.  Many people believed after 1994 that all our problems would be solved, that everyone would have a job, house, car and money.  We are experiencing a gap between “the haves” and “the have-nots” which is wider than ever before.  17 million South Africans now live on social grants (a third of our population is on welfare).  How do we bridge this gap?  How do we create a country which empowers everyone?