A lovers’ spat they had that day.
He turned from her and walked away,
Slammed the door, took his car,
Planned to drive fast and far.

She threw a book; it hit the door.
Shattered a vase upon the floor,
Her body crumpled with the ache,
With angry sobs her shoulders quaked.

Hours later she’d cleaned the flat,
Made herself some dinner that
She could not bring herself to eat.
Alone sat she on new loveseat.

Miserable and silent he
Missed the chatter, doubly.
Decided he had been to blame.
Turned around and homeward came.

Rushing faster than he dared —
Lights were flashing, sirens blared.
But he drove on, relentlessly
With just one thought, primarily:

He must get home, amends to make
To right the wrong, whate’er it’d take.
So he ignored the entourage
And pulled up outside his own garage.

She heard the sirens loud and clear
As they grew steadily ever near.
With fright she thought of what might be
Had there been a tragedy?

Her active mind became confused,
Pictured her beloved broken, bruised.
With a cry she pulled open the door
Spied many cars — over a score.

Out of the first her true love came.
She ran to him and called his name.
But officers grabbed, pulled him away,
Cuffed his hands, flaunted their prey.

He dug in heels, asked to be heard:
To give his wife one quick word.
They let him turn, his message share.
“Forgive me, dearest, I have erred!”

“I love you more than words can say!”
And then the wardens led him away.
Her heart thawed in an instant – soft from hard.
She went to fetch her MasterCard®.






Day Eighteen : Urgent Journey/Important Message Poem

Write a poem that involves an urgent journey and an important message. It could historical, mythical, entirely fictional, or memoir-ical.

🙂  Now I am thinking in 8-syllable rhymes!